Mayo Clinic meets Chick-fil-A meets Cheers

If we could best describe ourselves in one statement, this is it!Team image at Hometown Veterinarian

The Hometown Veterinarian was founded to be something different when it comes to veterinary medicine. We set out to prove that a "hometown" business can offer the level of high-quality care thought only to be found in national-scale referral hospitals. We believe this can be done while maintaining a hometown feel and genuine care for the people and animals that we serve.

We work to make our a hospital a place that people enjoy coming to. We maintain low-stress practices to keep our animal patients happy and healthy and do all we can to let them know that this is a good place. Veterinary visits don't need to be scary.

When Dr. Jacobson speaks with prospective veterinarians, he makes sure to point out that, "If you don't like getting to know your clients and being greeted by them in the grocery store, we are probably not the best choice for you." We are part of our community and want to keep it that way!

Our core values are Service, Compassion, and Healing

Dr Jacobson Made A Friend

  • Service: We understand that veterinary medicine is a profession of service. We serve people. We serve pets. We serve each other.
  • Compassion: We have compassion for animals but we also understand the emotional distress that a sick or injured pet causes for a pet owner.
  • Healing: We heal animals every day. We also heal people by understanding that everyone is broken in some way and a simple smile or a kind word can help heal hearts. We aim to heal the profession by recognizing the stress veterinary professionals face and supporting each other as positive examples.

We live these values every day to become and to remain "Your other family doctor."

To experience The Hometown Veterinarian Difference, give us a call at 800-753-7213 or click here!