Dog Veterinarians Who Really Care

At The Hometown Veterinarian, our approach to canine veterinary medicine revolves around a comprehensive, competent, and compassionate care program, aimed atDoc Loves Puppies ensuring the highest quality of life for your dog.

A Comprehensive Approach To Canine Veterinary Medicine

We understand that a dog veterinarian is only as good as his or her ability to successfully prevent, diagnose, and treat whatever ailment a dog may be facing. Equally as important is our ability to listen and communicate well with owners to make sure they understand their dog's health concerns and how to make the best choices for their dog. This is why our dog hospital is capable of handling any procedure, including preventive care, medical diagnosis, and emergency surgery.

We specialize in the following dog health services for dogs of all ages, breeds, and circumstances:

  • AcupunctureThis integrative medicine practice involves the insertion of thin needles into specific locations to promote a healing response.
  • Allergy treatment: While not usually life-threatening, allergies in dogs do cause severe discomfort and should be treated. 
  • Anesthesia: We have the facilities, equipment, medicine, and knowledge to ensure your dog stays as safe as possible while under anesthesia
  • Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS): Breathing problems in bulldogs, pugs, Boston terriers, and other brachycephalic breeds is often serious and can even become life-threatening. We are skilled and experienced in upper airway surgery.
  • Behavior services: Your dog's behavior is not completely genetically inherent but can be learned and unlearned with your commitment and our help
  • Cancer treatment: Our communicative, community approach to cancer treatment makes all the difference for you and your dog
  • Cardiology: Our first-rate facilities, equipment, and professional knowledge allow us to get to the heart of your dog's health and wellness matters
  • Dental Care: Our knowledge and dental experience specific to dog dentistry help us prevent and treat your dog's dental conditions, including periodontal disease
  • Dermatology: Our expertise means diagnosing and treating your dog's skin conditions before they become something more than skin-deep
  • Diagnostic imaging: Diagnostic imaging allows our veterinarians to diagnose illness, disease, and other problems in order to prescribe the proper treatment. We use digital dental x-ray, digital dental x-ray, and ultrasound at The Hometown Veterinarian.
  • Emergency care: We are able to manage any emergency care your dog may need during our office hours
  • Extracapsular lateral suture stabilization: ECLS is a surgery no longer widely recommended for treatment of cranial cruciate injury in dogs but we provide information to help dog owners determine the best treatment plan.
  • Flea & Tick: We employ various safe and effective flea & tick prevention and treatment methods for your dog's health and comfort
  • Gastropexy: A prophylactic gastropexy is a surgery that we perform to reduce the risk of GDV (Bloat) in dogs. It is a procedure that is highly recommended in all young, deep-chested dogs or any breed of dog that is known to be at risk of bloat.
  • Heartworm prevention: We specialize in heartworm education and medical prevention, as well as treatment for your dog
  • House Calls: We offer house calls for dogs when your pup would rather receive visitors than go out on the town
  • Laboratory tests: Our in-house laboratory testing services mean faster and more accurate diagnostics or treatment for your dog
  • Laser surgery: We use surgical laser for all surgical procedures at our hospital. Laser is a precise tool which is beneficial because it dramatically reduces tissue damage, bleeding, and pain compared to outdated tools like steel blades. Dogs wake up from surgery more comfortable and incisions heal with less scar tissue. Nobody wants their dog to hurt so choose a laser surgeon for your pet's surgery.
  • Laser therapy: We are able to customize our pain protocols to include laser for arthritis, other inflammatory conditions, and post-operative pain control
  • Luxating patella surgery: We have extensive experience treating patella luxation (dislocating kneecap) in dogs. This condition is readily treated with surgery.
  • Microchip ID: Our professional microchip ID services can help identify your dog in case he or she ever gets lost, stolen, or separated from you
  • Nutrition: Our nutrition education, awareness, and dietary intervention programs can help ensure your dog stays healthy and fit
  • Orthopedic surgery:We are skilled in many orthopedic surgeries to treat conditions such as fractures, growth deformities, patella luxations, and cruciate disease
  • Pain management: We specialize in customized, effective, and compassionate pain management for your dog regardless of age, ability, or condition
  • Parasite prevention and treatment: Prevention and early detection are paramount to survival for some types of parasitic infections
  • Pregnancy: Our extensive experience can help your dog have a successful pregnancy, as well as a happy, healthy litter of puppies
  • Preventive care: Our comprehensive preventive care program helps you make sure your dog remains healthy and well year-round
  • Puppy care: We will partner with you to make sure your puppy has the best care and you have all the information we need to care for your new family member
  • Senior care: Our comprehensive senior care protocols and procedures helps you to help your dog age gracefully, healthily, and happily
  • Semi-annual wellness exams: A cornerstone of preventive care, semi-annual wellness exams are key to staying on top of chronic health issues and getting ahead of problems that may be developing
  • Spay or neuter: Our refined pre-surgical, surgical and post-op care will provide your dog with the safest and most comfortable surgical procedure
  • Surgery: Our facilities, expert surgeons, and technicians will make sure your dog is cared for before, during, and after surgery. We are here to answer any questions that you might have about dog surgery.
  • TPLO: Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy surgery is one of the best (and probably the most well-known) treatments for cranial cruciate injury in dogs. We offer this permanent solution for dogs with cruciate disease
  • TTA: Tibial Tuberosity Advancement is also one of the best treatments for cranial cruciate injury in dogs. Like TPLO, it offers a permanent solution to dogs suffering from cruciate disease
  • Vaccinations: Our veterinarians and techs will customize vaccination protocols that account for your dog's age, medical history, environment, travel habits, and lifestyle

A Commitment To Quality And Empathy In Veterinary Care For Dogs

Our veterinarians, technicians, assistants, and front staff work together to provide both you and your dog with a compassionate and professional experience. From the initial phone call, it is our goal to make sure you feel that your concerns are addressed, you are well informed, and that your dog receives the best care possible.