Cats are unique animals and they deserve unique protection

Cats face danger from many diseases. Fortunately there are safe and effective vaccines available to protect against many of them.Cat PUREVAX Vaccines

Throughout Dr. Jacobson's career, he has been keenly aware of the sensitivity cats can show to substances being administered to them. During the 1990s and 2000s considerable research began taking place looking into the possibility that some of our vaccines were actually causing harm to our cats. It was learned that while most vaccines were providing help by stimulating a cat's immune system to protect it from disease, many of the extra substances found in those vaccines were leading to reactions and even cancers in many cats. Dr. Jacobson closely followed the research and advise of his early mentors who were studying these heartbreaking events and was an early advocate for moving away from many of the vaccine combinations which appeared to be a problem. 

As time has gone on and understanding has grown in the science of vaccines, it is clear that not all vaccines are created equal. Removal of the extra non-vaccine "stuff" such as chemicals and preservatives (called adjuvants), has greatly improved the safety of vaccines in cats. The biggest advance in vaccines has been the creation of recombinant vaccines. Recombinant vaccines contain only the smallest fractions of proteins needed to provide immunity from disease. These types of vaccines have all but eliminated vaccine-associate sarcomas in cats but, unfortunately, they are not used by everyone.

Cat Studying Vaccine InformationWe take care and pride in choosing the safest and most advanced vaccine technologies in the world to protect the health of our patients. At The Hometown Veterinarian, we only use PUREVAX recombinant vaccines. PUREVAX is the only fully adjuvant-free feline range of vaccines. These vaccines have optimized safety profiles with adjuvant-free protection for all of their components. Each dose consists of a tiny 0.5mL volume.

There is no "one size fits all" for cats when it comes to vaccine protection. We work closely with you to look at your cat's lifestyle to determine her risk level when it comes to picking the best vaccination program.

Be sure to ask any of our veterinarians for more information when it comes to providing the best protection for your cat.