At The Hometown Veterinarian, we use high definition digital radiography (X-Ray) to aid us offering best care to give clear and reliable results.

Lateral Abdomen Radiograph of A Dog

Digital radiography gives us the ability to quickly take X-rays that show extreme detail and are easily shared electronically. X-rays only take moments to appear on-screen for our veterinarians to review and completely eliminate the need for dangerous chemicals otherwise used in developing X-ray film.

We use both a traditional digital X-ray machine as well as a separate digital dental X-ray machine.

The level of detail that we can see is extreme and the speed our images are ready for use is amazing.

Films in a digital form also allow us to easily share them with other veterinarians or even pet owners who are interested in a copy of the X-rays.

There is just no reason to settle for poor quality x-rays that are not of useful diagnostic value when high-defintion digital films give such clear results.

Digital Dental X-Ray of a Dog

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