At The Hometown Veterinarian, we pride ourselves in providing an outstanding level of surgical care for our patients. 

Our veterinarians and staff understand the level of trust placed in us when performing surgery on your pet. We stress that there is no such thing as a “routine surgery” and treat every surgical case with the respect and care that our animal patients deserve.  

As our lead surgeon, Dr. Grant Jacobson is highly skilled and experienced in surgeries ranging from elective procedures, such as spays and neuters, to complicated orthopedic, soft tissue, and upper airway procedures.  He excels at the use of CO2 surgical laser and insists that every surgery performed at The Hometown Veterinarian is a laser surgery.

You can expect nothing less than the highest standards of care when it comes time for your pet to experience surgery with us. We are skilled in cat surgery, dog surgery, and surgery in many exotic pets. Feel confident that you are selecting the best care for your pet.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:Dr. Jacobson Performing Laser Surgery at The Hometown Veterinarian

In-House Lab: Our in-house lab equipment provides quick and accurate same-day results, ensuring prompt diagnosis and treatment 

Laser Surgery: CO2 laser surgery is a game-changer. It allows for small, exact incisions, causes little-to-no bleeding, and minimizes pain. Traditional scalpel blades hurt, a lot, so we have tossed them aside for modern technology. Surgeons who work on people have long given up on scalpel blades. We see no reason to practice as if it was still the 1970s. Why would you want your pet to hurt and bleed more?

Advanced Procedures: At The Hometown Veterinarian, we are more than capable of taking on many advanced cases. We have veterinarians skilled and experienced in a wide range of surgical procedures.

We perform soft tissue surgeries such as:

  • Splenectomy
  • Gastric and intestinal surgery including gastropexy to prevent gastric torsion
  • Surgical treatment of cancer
  • Kidney removal
  • Upper airway surgery (Calling all bulldogs!)
  • Bladder surgery
  • Caesarean section
  • Lower urinary tract surgery
  • Eyelid corrective surgery
  • Corneal surgery

We also perform orthopedic surgeries:Titanium Locking Bone Plates

Dr. Hoyt Performing SurgerySterile Environment: To maintain the highest level of hygiene, our surgical suites are impressive. When designing our hospital, Dr. Jacobson planned surgery and radiated everything out from there. Each surgery and oral surgery room is closed away from the general hospital and kept meticulously clean. Surgery is just as it should be with caps and masks worn by all inside the room and a “scrubbed-in” surgeon gowned and gloved up. Aseptic technique is our normal, not an afterthought. Every patient receives a fresh, sterile pack of surgical instruments and we would never consider sharing materials between patients. While a doctor performing surgery in barn-yard boots and exam gloves using instruments out of a "mystery solution" bath might look cool on a "reality" television show, it has no place in a real, modern-day small animal surgical suite. A surgery space should never be a "multi-purpose" room where dental cleanings and anal gland expressions occur, the risk of causing infection is just too high. Be assured that at The Hometown Veterinarian, we take surgical sterility and the safety that comes from it seriously.

Safety: We prioritize the safety and comfort of your pet. Prior to surgery, we perform critical laboratory tests and the attending veterinarian will perform a thorough physical examination, of every patient, every time. An IV will be placed to give necessary fluids and medications while gas anesthesia maintains a smooth and safe surgery on our heated surgery table. A fresh and sterile surgery pack is used for each individual surgery patient. We NEVER share instruments or re-use sutures, or other surgical supplies between patients. Practices like that are unsafe, just plain gross, and should be a relic of the past! Electronic monitors and a dedicated veterinary assistant provide on-going monitoring of your pet’s heart rate, respiration, SpO2, pulse rate, temperature, etc. during and after surgery. Patients never wake up alone! Proactive pain relief is administered before surgery and afterwards, our therapy laser further reduces swelling and discomfort.

Pain Management: No animal should ever face pain unnecessarily. At The Hometown Veterinarian, pain management is of utmost importance. We use a multi-modalIVAPM Logo approach to managing the pain of our surgical patients. This means that we rely on multiple modalities (different approaches used together) for pain relief to amplify the level of comfort that we can achieve. We rely on combinations of pain relief medications, local anesthetics, laser, cold therapy, acupuncture, etc. to create the best pain relief plan for our surgical patients. Veterinarians who claim that animals do not feel pain or that "a little pain" is a good thing are, quite frankly, wrong! These ideas are relics of the past that should have disappeared long ago. Pain relief should never be considered "optional" and is part of every anesthetic plan for every patient at our hospital. To help ensure that we are always keeping up to date on the latest in pain control, Dr. Jacobson maintains active membership in The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management.

Minimized Recovery: All of our veterinarians use laser surgery every time. Why would you want your pet to hurt and bleed more? We strive for the most minimally-invasive incisions with our lasers to speed your pet’s recovery. Furthermore, each patient receives a therapy laser treatment immediately after surgery. This combination dramatically decreases pain and inflammation.  Pain-free patients heal faster!

Comprehensive Care: Beyond the veterinarian, each of our patients receives direct supervision, care, and love from no less than three veterinary surgical assistantsPuppy Dog Kisses and animal care specialists. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork, IV catheter with IV fluids, and pain relief are a mainstay of every animal’s surgical treatment as well as heated surgical tables, warm blankets, therapy laser treatments, and lots of tender loving care.

Specialized Housing: We house our patients in their own wards with their own species. Cats and dogs do not interact with each other which creates a more stress-free environment.

Consultation & Follow-up: Our veterinarians meet with pet owners before sending patients home to ensure all instructions for home-care are fully understood. You can also expect a follow-up phone call from one of our helpful and friendly staff members the next day to ensure your pet’s well-being.

***Personalized Tours: As always, come take a tour of our hospital and see for yourself the exceptional level of care that we provide***

To schedule a surgery or consultation with our veterinarians,

give us a call at 641-758-3333 or click here!