Cat Veterinarians Who Care

Since 2018, the veterinarians and support staff at The Hometown Veterinarian have sought to achieve the highest standards of veterinary medicine. At The Hometown Veterinarian, cats are NEVER seen as second-class pets. We treat our kitty patients with the skill, care, and affection that they deserve. Our cat veterinarians understand that cats are unique animals with unique medical needs. We feel that cats are part of the family, yours and ours and our cat veterinarians will always treat cats with the best in veterinary care.

American_Association_of_Feline_Practitioners_MemberDid you know that our hospital owner, Dr. Grant Jacobson, served as the president of the American Association of Feline Practitioners "Feline Club" at Iowa State University when he was a veterinary student? He maintains membership in AAFP to continuously stay informed of the most current advances in the veterinary care for cats.

**Ask Dr. Jacobson about the chorus of "meows" he received when he was given his veterinary diploma!**

We Support Every Stage Of Your Cat's LifeCat Services Marshalltown

As your feline friend grows, he or she will move through six distinct stages of life:

  • Kitten: 0—6 months
  • Junior: 7 months—2 years
  • Prime: 3—6 years
  • Mature: 7—10 years
  • Senior: 11—14 years
  • Geriatric: 15+ years

Naturally, as a cat grows and progresses through life, he or she will undergo physiological changes and face a variety of life events that will require care and attention. From kitten care to geriatric cat medicine, consistent preventive care can make all the difference in the quality of life of your cat. Ultimately, your cat's health will impact your relationship with him or her.

Cats are very good at hiding illness. In fact, most cats will simply become less active and less interactive when very ill. Any signs of illness that a cat may show will be very subtle. Therefore, any change in their behavior should warrant a consideration that they may be ill. Many clients will return from work to find that their cat simply does not greet them at the door as usual. This may be an indication that your cat is ill. Because the signs of cat illness are so subtle, if you should notice any obvious changes in behavior please call our office.

Cat Health Services and Treatments

At The Hometown Veterinarian we specialize in the following cat health services for cats of all ages, breeds, and circumstances:

  • AcupunctureThis integrative medicine practice involves the insertion of thin needles into specific locations to promote a healing response.
  • Allergy Treatment: Cats commonly face a number of allergens that can cause a wide variety of symptoms, allergy testing can help us to identify and properly treat the root cause of some issues
  • Anesthesia: We have the facilities, equipment, medicine, and knowledge to ensure your cat stays safe while under anesthesia
  • Behavior Services: Your cat's behavior is not genetically inherent, but can be learned and unlearned with your commitment and our help
  • Cancer Treatment: Our communicative, community approach to cancer treatment makes all the difference for you and your cat
  • Cardiology: Our first-rate facilities, equipment, and professional knowledge allow us to get to the heart of your cat's health and wellness matters
  • Dental Care: Our knowledge and dental experience can help prevent and treat your cat's dental conditions, including periodontal disease
  • Dermatology: While diagnosing skin conditions early is highly beneficial in treatment if a skin condition has already developed, it must be addressed before it worsens
  • Deworming: Intestinal parasites are a danger to both your pet and your family, so let us ensure that your cat is protected from worms
  • Diagnostic Imaging: Diagnostic imaging allows our veterinarians and technicians to accurately diagnose your cat's condition so that the proper treatment can be prescribed. We use digital x-ray, digital dental x-ray, and ultrasound at The Hometown Veterinarian.
  • Emergency Care: We specialize in comprehensive emergency care, and our facilities are designed to address any veterinary emergency your cat may have
  • Eye Care: Our doctors are trained to recognize feline-specific eye diseases and choose treatments based on efficacy and your cat's tolerance to specific treatments
  • Flea & Tick: We employ safe and effective flea & tick treatments for your cat's health and happiness
  • Heartworm Prevention: We specialize in heartworm education prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for your cat
  • House Calls: We offer house calls for cats to help keep those home-body kitties happy and comfortable
  • Kitten Care: We help you learn to care for your kitten through education and nutritional awareness while providing the proper preventive medical treatments
  • Laboratory: Our laboratory testing services mean faster and more accurate diagnostics and treatments for your cat
  • Laser Surgery: We use surgical laser for all surgical procedures at our hospital. Laser is a precise surgical tool which is beneficial because it dramatically reduces tissue damage, bleeding, and pain compared to outdated tools like steel blades. Cats wake up from surgery feeling more comfortable and their incisions heal with less scar tissue. Nobody wants their cat to hurt so choose a laser surgeon for your pet's surgery!
  • Laser Therapy: Our cold laser therapy is used to treat cats for post-operative pain, arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions. It is painless and well-tolerated by all cats
  • Medications: When your cat requires medication our doctors will provide the right prescription
  • Microchip ID: Microchipping is the best way to aid in having your cat returned safely should he or she become lost
  • Nutrition: We will address the specialized nutritional requirements for your cat in different life stages and to aid in the management of certain illnesses
  • Orthopedic Surgery:  We are skilled in performing surgical treatments for orthopedic problems in cats such as broken bones, ligament injuries, patella luxations, growth deformities, and joint diseases
  • Pain Management: We specialize in effective and compassionate pain management for your cat regardless of age, ability or condition
  • Preventive Care: Our comprehensive preventive care program is the first step to ensuring that your cat has a long healthy life
  • Semi-Annual Wellness Exams: A cornerstone of preventive care, semi-annual wellness exams help prolong life by allowing health issues to be identified and addressed early
  • Senior Care: We understand the special needs of aging cats, and we will partner with you to provide the optimal plan for your aging feline
  • Spay or Neuter: We provide a safe and painless surgical experience for your cat
  • Surgery: Our facilities, equipment, and staff offer your cat the best option for a successful surgery and recovery. We are here to answer any questions that you might have about cat surgery.
  • Vaccinations: Our veterinarians will recommend an individualized and personalized vaccination protocol based on your cat's needs and use only the safest cat vaccines available